Receding Hairline Treatment Options

How Long Does Balding Take

How Long Does Balding Take if I am Losing My Hair?

If you have started losing your hair, notice it thinning, have a receding hairline, or notice crown hair loss on the back of your hair, you want to know how much time you have before you’re bald. The early signs of balding and hair loss include overall hair thinning, balding on top of your head, or temple or side hair loss, which you can see in stage 2 of the Norwood Chart below.

If you have recently experienced an illness, high stress, a hormonal change, are on medication, or experience depression, see this hair loss post, to find out if your condition may be temporary hair loss.

How long does balding take if you are otherwise healthy and experiencing male pattern baldness? The good news is, having the beginnings of hair loss does not mean you will ever go bald. The process can start and stall for years. You may begin a hair loss treatment which stops the hair fall and even promotes hair regrowth. But, if you do nothing, and suffer from normal male pattern baldness, you can expect your hair loss to follow the Hamilton-Norwood Scale.

Hamilton Norwood scaleHow Long Does Balding Take in Male Pattern Baldness

As you can see from the standard stages, when you experience normal male pattern baldness, the hair loss does follow stages. Every man will lose hair progressively, but there is no defined time-line.

If the men in your family historically were bald by a certain age, this may be the best indicator because male pattern baldness is genetically linked. Even a visit to a hair loss specialist would not help you determine how long balding takes. The stages of male pattern baldness will be at a different pace for every man.

Further, there are men who maintain a full head of hair and progress through the stages rapidly, while others begin hair loss and stall at a stage such as 3 or 4 for ten or more years.

Slow Balding by Treating The Hair Fall

If you are able to treat hair loss, and buy Procerin, a natural saw palmetto supplement to promote hair growth or use Nioxin Shampoo, you may help to stall the hair shedding and prevent hair loss from speeding through the Norwood stages. Taking some action is your best defense in stopping hair loss early.


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